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If you're in the market for Large Dominoes, the Alex Cramer website is your one-stop destination for Dominoes for the vision-impaired. In each set of our Large Dominoes you receive 28 indestructible Double Six Dominoes. Our Dominoes For The Vision Impaired are perfect for players who love the game but have trouble seeing the dots on conventional dominoes. Our Dominoes for people with Macular Degeneration have a lifetime guarantee against domino breakage or loss. Whether you're looking for a Large Dominoes set or just a set to have at your home and office we offer the top-of-the-line-product.

These extra-large dominoes have dots nearly twice the size as the dots on conventional dominoes. The large size dots are silk screened in black. Dominoes are then covered with a clear top coat for durability. Dominoes are made of solid beech wood. This is a very hard wood with a tight grain that makes it extra smooth. To make things even easier, our Large Dominoes come with four domino racks so players can arrange their dominoes at an angle that makes it easier to see. The domino racks are made of American-grown black walnut and securely hold the individual pieces at an easy-to-read angle. Our Large Dominoes and Dominoe Sets For Vision-Impaired are a great gift for those with impaired vision or macular degeneration. The set comes in a holding tray made of American-grown black walnut. It's easy to place and remove the set from this handy holder.

If you are looking for a Large Dominoes Set we offer the '#800 Easy-View Big Dot Dominoes' Set which is perfect for Dominoes for Vision-Impared. Our Dominoes for people with Macular Degeneration sets are perfect if you play Professional Dominoes or would like to learn how.

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Dominoes Set For Vision-Impaired

There are many different ways to play with our Large Dominoes. Our Dominoe sets For Vision-Impaired come with 28 Dominoes. There are countless different games to play with Large Dominoes and many variations within those games. With our Dominoes For People with Macular Degeneration you literally, have endless games at your fingertips. Our Dominoes sets for Vision-Impaired also come with instructions to teach you how to play different games. Our website even features a page that has instructions to play with your Large Dominoes as an added bonus! Whether looking for Large Dominoes to play a standard game of Dominoes or looking for Dominoes For Vision-Impaired, you've come to the right place.

With our Large Dominoes and Dominoes For The Vision Impaired 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. We stand behind our Large Dominoes sets and are proud of our product. We want to provide you with the best online shopping experience and customer service available when shopping for your Dominoes For People with Macular Degeneration. If you are shipping one of our Large Dominoes sets to a friend we even offer FREE gift wrapping and a handwritten card. With our custom engraved brass plate you would be sending a gift that would be remembered and last a lifetime.

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