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Leather Dice Cups

The Alex Cramer Company is the premier destination if you are in the market for top-of-the-line Personalized Dice Cups. Known for their quality, the Company's Leather Dice Cups are regulation size and come with a set of dice in a burgundy velveteen draw string pouch. The Personalized Dice Cups come packaged in a linen finish gift box. These Personalized Dice Cups are perfect to share with guests in your office and home and perfect when used for the Liar's Dice Game. The Personalized Dice Cups we sell at the Alex Cramer Company are the very best quality and we know you will not find better Leather Dice Cups anywhere.

The Leather Dice Cups have a deep brown buffed finish made with selected oak-tanned sole leather. The Leather Dice Cups also include a "noiseless" liner which is great for playing the Liar's Dice Game. The Leather Dice Cups have a very heavy duty construction and a padded calfskin leather bottom. The Personalized Dice Cups are the perfect gift for someone who appreciates fine leather. Our Leather Dice Cups feel great in your hand and are built to last. Personalized Dice Cups are a great gift to bring to any party and the Liar's Dice Game is a great game to teach to friends.

The Personalized Dice Cups offer the option of a brass plate with personalized engraving up to fifteen characters. You can also have your initials engraved on the brass plate which is then attached to the Leather Dice Cups. These custom engraving options for Personalized Dice Cups make them a truly memorable gift when giving Leather Dice Cups. Our Personalized Dice Cups are a wonderful gift.

For your club or organization we also offer our Personalized Dice Cups with a larger sized custom printed plate. You can order Custom Printed Personalized Dice Cups with your own logo. The minimuml order for the Custom Personalized Dice Cups is 10 cups and you must allow two weeks after receipt of artwork you submit. The Leather Dice Cups you customize can also have individual names added to the plate for additional $2.00 per cup. The Personalized Dice Cups make a great gift for an anniversary or birthday.

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Liar's Dice Game

One of the most popular games our Leather Dice Cups are used for is the Liar's Dice Game. The Liar's Dice game, played with a minimum of two players, is the perfect game with our Personalized Dice Cups. The Liar's Dice Game. requires you to shake your dice in the Leather Dice Cups and flip it over on the table. The Leather Dice Cups come with Leather trim on the rim to protect whatever surface you are playing the Liar's Dice Game on. The special features on our Leather Dice Cups are an example of the high standards of the products from the Alex Cramer Company.

Besides the Liar's Dice Game there are many other games for your Leather Dice Cups. An instruction book with Dice Games come with your Personalized Leather Dice Cups. These Personalized Dice Cups are a great way to bring your family and friends together to play games that everyone can enjoy. You will not find a product that compares to our Personalized Dice Cups. Alex Cramer Company offers you only the best Personalized Leather Dice Cups on the market.

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