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Quality Cribbage Boards, the Alex Cramer website is your one stop destination for Best Cribbage Boards. Our Premium Cribbage Boards are made from best quality American Black Walnut. Our Deluxe Cribbage Boards have beautiful grain and detail with beveled edges and precision-drilled holes. Whether you're looking for a professional Cribbage Board or just a simple cribbage board to bring with you for your next game, we offer top-of-the-line-product.

If you are looking for Quality Cribbage Boards we offer three options: the Artisan Cribbage Board, the Giant Cribbage Board and the Standard Cribbage Board. Both Artisan Cribbage Board and Giant Cribbage Board include two 18 karat gold-plated and two nickel-plated brass scoring pegs. The Standard Cribbage Board has six pegs rather than the traditional four pegs(in case a peg is ever lost). Pegs are gold and black for better contrast and visibility. Both the Standard Cribbage Board and the Giant Cribbage board have a sliding door storage compartment on the bottom of the Cribbage Board. All three Cribbage Boards come with clearly written rules of play.

The Artisan Cribbage Board is the most beautiful Cribbage Board on the market. Each 120-hole Artisan Cribbage Board is fashioned from a piece of solid manzanita wood. Each one has a distinctive character. There will never be another one like yours. They are individually hand-made by an artisan and each one is signed and dated them. This is your chance to own a trully unique Cribbage Board, a true masterpice!

Due to the uniquness of the Artisan Cribbage Board there might be slight variations in size and length. Generally they are about 15" long, 4" wide and 4" tall. Weight is between 3 and 4 pounds.

Artisan Cribbage Board as well as other cribbage boards are a great gift for any occasion. You don't have to worry about whatever surface you store your Cribbage Board on because our Cribbage Boards come with a no-scratch felt bottom. All of our Cribbage Boards stand out among competition.

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Cribbage Board Game

There are many different ways to play with our Cribbage Boards as the 400 year old game has evolved into many variations. Our unique Cribbage Boards come with clear instructions to teach you how to play the Cribbage Game. Our website even features a page that has instructions to play with your Cribbage Boards as an added bonus! Whether looking for Premium Artisan Cribbage Board for your house or just looking for a Quality Standard Cribbage board, you've come to the right place.

Premium Quality Cribbage Boards 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back. We stand behind our Quality Cribbage Boards and are proud of our product. We want to provide you with the best online shopping experience and customer service available when shopping for your Cribbage Boards. If you are shipping one of our Cribbage Boards to a friend we even offer FREE gift wrapping and a handwritten card. With our custom engraved brass plate you would be sending a gift that would be remembered and last a lifetime.

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